Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Women Veterans' Retreat a huge success!

In August, we had our first annual Women Veterans’ Arts & Reintegration Retreat at Wiawaka Holiday House on the shores of Lake George. It was fantastic! We are very excited by the feedback from our participants. Check back to the blog throughout this month to see their pictures and read their thoughts.

In the meantime, try if you can to conjure up in your mind a group of women who have been through life altering events in the military. They are brought together for the express purpose of finding a community and sharing their stories through various art forms. To read more details about the event click here.

Also, Pat Bradley of WAMC Radio came on the last day and interviewed several of our participants.
Click here to listen to the WAMC report.

We are already looking forward to next August and our 2nd Annual Women Veterans’ Retreat! If you were a part of our first retreat, please share your stories with our readers by clicking on the comment link below!

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