Sunday, August 22, 2010

News about our 2nd Annual Adirondack Women Veterans’ Arts & Reintegration

We held our 2nd Annual Adirondack Women Veteran's Arts & Reintegration Retreat on August 9th -11th. You can read all about it in Chris Knight's article that appeared in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise (August 21, 2010).

The event, which was co-sponsored by Patriot Hills of New York, was held on the shores of Lake George at the Wiawaka Holiday House.
The location was perfect! It provided a safe place for these women to make connections, tell their stories, and discover a community of listeners who could relate to their challenges, opportunities, and triumphs they have faced along their journey.

Thanks to all who participated and to everyone who made this event possible!

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  1. I had sooooooo much fun!! and that comes from someone who traveled from Atlanta to NY and I didnt travel until then. I was really safe in the space with the facilitators and the other participants. I also learned a lot about myself. The time went by too quickly but I am preparing for my next visit.